Hr & Payroll System

Hr & Payroll System

Hr & Payroll System

We know your time is important and with our customized human resource and payroll solutions, we provide you more time to innovate and grow. By processing ...

Initial Data
        -Company Information
        -Branches <> Departments
        -Job Titles
        -Faculties / Institutes
        -Appointment papers
        -Reasons for Termination
        -Life Coverage
        -Types of Expense

       -Job Vacancies
       -Application Status
       -Add New Applicant
       -Search Applicants

       -Add New Employee
       -Employees List
       -Uncompleted Data
       -Terminated Employees
       -Contract Termination
       -Employees Yearly Vacations
       -Salary Increase
       -Contract Renewal
       -Employee Hire Type History
       -Employee Job Type History
       -Search Employees

       -Shift Plans
       -Official Occasions
       -Vacation Types
       -Employee <> Vacation
       -Training Courses
       -Job <> Training Courses
       -Training Costs Elements
       -Training Course <> Classes
       -Class Employees Sign Up
       -Training Courses Follow Up
       -Evaluation Measures
       -Add New Evaluation
       -Employees Evaluations

      -Payroll Calculations
      -Earnings Types
      -Deduction Types
      -Add New Earnings
      -Monthly Earnings
      -Employees <> Earnings
      -Add New Allowance
      -Monthly Allowance
      -Employees <> Allowances
      -Add New Deductions
      -Monthly Deductions
      -Employees <> Deductions
      -Add New Premiums
      -Monthly Premiums
      -Employees <> Premiums
      -Calculate Monthly Salary

Self Service
      -Groups <> Employees
      -Allowed Groups
      -Company News

        -Admin Users
        -Users <> Menus
        -Users <> Branchs
        -Users <> Departments

Payroll Evaluation Employees Attendance     
 -Monthly Salary Report
 -Export Monthly Salary to Excel
 -Annual Salary Report
 -Employee Pay Slip
 -Pay date Earnings
 -Pay Date Deductions
 -Bank File
 -Separated Earnings
 -Job Title <> Total Salaries
 -Departments <> Types of Expense
 -Functions <> Types of Expense
-Evaluation Measures
-Employees <> Evaluations
-Evaluation Details
-Department <> Employees
-Manager <> Employees
-Job Title <> Employees
-Function <> Employees
-Employees <> Termination
-Employees by Hire Type
-Employees by Job Type
-Employees <> Marital Status
-Employees <> Gender
-Employees <> Religion
-Employees <> Nationality
-Employees <> Social Insurance
-Employees Profiles
-Employees <> Promotions
-Employees <> Salary Increase
-Salary Range Employees
-Organization Chart
-Employees <> Hire Date
-Departments <> Total Employees
-Job Titles <> Total Employees
-Employees by Age
-Employees by Experience Years
-Employees <> Age Pension
-Employees <> Total Salary
-Life Coverage Report
-ID Expiration Report
-D. L. Expiration Report
-Employees <> Birthdays
-Shifts <> Employees
-Day Attendance
-Absent Employees
-Employees Attendance
-Employees Permissions
-Monthly Time Sheet
-Official Occasions
-Employees Vacations
-Employees Vacations Balancies
-Month Weeks Absence

  -Training Courses List
  -job Requirements
  -Training Courses <> Classes
  -Classes <> Employees
  -Employees <> Training Courses

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