Interactive Recruitment Website

Interactive Recruitment Website

Interactive Recruitment Website

we provide you with the latest and most powerful interactive Recruitment website that matches between the right job and the right candidate,employers and job seekers

main features

-The Website is developed and programmed by the and c # language which are the most powerful programming languages so far

-The Ability to change the design and colors of the site According to client Demands website's slogan

-The website uses SQL Server Database to store the infinite data of job applicants and employers and Provides ease and speed of data retrieval

-easy Control Panel interface to handle daily website visitors , posted Jobs ,registered Applicants and companies in addition to follow-up reports about the count of visitors who at present, the count of Job Seekers who applied for jobs – the count of posts which have been sent today — the count of job seekers , company owners who registered today

-Administrator can add-modify-delete any of website contents or create any additional page using our content management System CMS tool

-Easy share of website content on social network websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Etc

-All website pages are done according to Search Engine Optimization(SEO) that helps easily publishing on different search engines such as Google , ping ,yahoo ...etc

-The possibility of introducing articles and news for both job seekers and employers and share them on social network websites through Career Advice section

-Easily jobs browse through selecting Specific Job Fields or the Advanced search based on the parameters selected

-Announcing the most important Jobs in the Hot Jobs section

-easily Locating Banners(image or Flash) Areas on the website 

-easily connect Job Seekers with Employers and sending messages to each other

-Ability to send the website link to friends through Tell A Friend Application

Job seekers

-the webSite allows registration of job seekers data including personal data – educational data – training courses – languages – technical and computer skills, years of experience and previous Jobs – Fields of work

-The website provides advanced resume CV for job seekers that can be printed easily and used to apply for Jobs

-The website provides Specific URL to job seeker CV which can be Accessed by Employers to browse his/her CV

-job seekers can modify his/her resume at any time adding experience and training courses

-Job seekers can read articles and news sent to him from the website management team

-job seeker can Apply for jobs advertised on Careers in Recruitment

-job seeker Get recruitment jobs sent to his/her mailbox every weekday with our Jobs By Email service

-Allow recruiters to find Job Seekers CV

-Get alerted to relevant jobs with our proactive email service

Employers and companies

-The website provides Company Information , Fields of work , slogan and contact information

-The Ability to send unlimited number of Jobs according to their requirements

-The employer can specify period to view his posted job and he could hide company name from applicants

-Employers can Search CVs according to their requirements and job description adding them in favorites or sending Message through  Website

-Employers can follow up candidates viewing their CVs and print

-Employers can read news & articles related to their business which were sent from Website Management

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