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Hr & Payroll System

: 7867
  • Hr & Payroll SystemHr & Payroll System
Mon 16-July-2012 12:23 AM

We know your time is important and with our customized human resource and payroll solutions, we provide you more time to innovate and grow. By processing ...

Initial Data
        -Company Information
        -Branches <> Departments
        -Job Titles
        -Faculties / Institutes
        -Appointment papers
        -Reasons for Termination
        -Life Coverage
        -Types of Expense

       -Job Vacancies
       -Application Status
       -Add New Applicant
       -Search Applicants

       -Add New Employee
       -Employees List
       -Uncompleted Data
       -Terminated Employees
       -Contract Termination
       -Employees Yearly Vacations
       -Salary Increase
       -Contract Renewal
       -Employee Hire Type History
       -Employee Job Type History
       -Search Employees

       -Shift Plans
       -Official Occasions
       -Vacation Types
       -Employee <> Vacation
       -Training Courses
       -Job <> Training Courses
       -Training Costs Elements
       -Training Course <> Classes
       -Class Employees Sign Up
       -Training Courses Follow Up
       -Evaluation Measures
       -Add New Evaluation
       -Employees Evaluations

      -Payroll Calculations
      -Earnings Types
      -Deduction Types
      -Add New Earnings
      -Monthly Earnings
      -Employees <> Earnings
      -Add New Allowance
      -Monthly Allowance
      -Employees <> Allowances
      -Add New Deductions
      -Monthly Deductions
      -Employees <> Deductions
      -Add New Premiums
      -Monthly Premiums
      -Employees <> Premiums
      -Calculate Monthly Salary

Self Service
      -Groups <> Employees
      -Allowed Groups
      -Company News

        -Admin Users
        -Users <> Menus
        -Users <> Branchs
        -Users <> Departments

Payroll Evaluation Employees Attendance     
 -Monthly Salary Report
 -Export Monthly Salary to Excel
 -Annual Salary Report
 -Employee Pay Slip
 -Pay date Earnings
 -Pay Date Deductions
 -Bank File
 -Separated Earnings
 -Job Title <> Total Salaries
 -Departments <> Types of Expense
 -Functions <> Types of Expense
-Evaluation Measures
-Employees <> Evaluations
-Evaluation Details
-Department <> Employees
-Manager <> Employees
-Job Title <> Employees
-Function <> Employees
-Employees <> Termination
-Employees by Hire Type
-Employees by Job Type
-Employees <> Marital Status
-Employees <> Gender
-Employees <> Religion
-Employees <> Nationality
-Employees <> Social Insurance
-Employees Profiles
-Employees <> Promotions
-Employees <> Salary Increase
-Salary Range Employees
-Organization Chart
-Employees <> Hire Date
-Departments <> Total Employees
-Job Titles <> Total Employees
-Employees by Age
-Employees by Experience Years
-Employees <> Age Pension
-Employees <> Total Salary
-Life Coverage Report
-ID Expiration Report
-D. L. Expiration Report
-Employees <> Birthdays
-Shifts <> Employees
-Day Attendance
-Absent Employees
-Employees Attendance
-Employees Permissions
-Monthly Time Sheet
-Official Occasions
-Employees Vacations
-Employees Vacations Balancies
-Month Weeks Absence

  -Training Courses List
  -job Requirements
  -Training Courses <> Classes
  -Classes <> Employees
  -Employees <> Training Courses

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